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Mirage Max

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Mirage Max

Use water jet and vacuum independently and simultaneously.

Double insulation dual motors with independent ventilation built with two-stage suction turbine

Self-priming double diaphragm pump & waterproof and autoventilated motor.

You can enable only one or two vacuum motor(s) at a time

Antifoam device

Stainless steel water/waste tank (detachable)

Shockproof plastic heads resistant to chemicals and high temperatures

Detachable detergent tank for easy refilling and cleaning

  • Cleaning carpet, car seats, upholsteries, etc.
  • Industrial wet vacuuming needs: oil spills, waste water, sewage etc.
  • Operation sites with low noise tolerance.
  • Car wash, gas station, inspection stations, garages, storage places, construction sites, offices, equipment or server rooms, factories, restaurants, stores, etc.
Voltage and Frequency 1Ph, 230V 50/60Hz
Motor Power 2.1 kW [2.74HP] (Max. 2.4kW [3.21HP])
Vacuum Depression 2,200 mmH2O
Air Flow 340 m3/hour
Detergent Tank Capacity 25 liters / 6.6 gallons
Recovery Tank Capacity 50 liters / 13.2 gallons
Injection Pump 90 W
Injection Pressure 2.2 bar / 31.9 psi
Suction Hose Diameter: 40mm [1.58"] , Length: 2.5m [8'2"]
Tank Material Stainless Steel
Net Weight 26 kilograms (kg) / 57.3 pounds (lb)
Net Dimensions 60[L] x 60[W] x 96[H] cm
23.6[L] x 23.6[W] x 37.8[H] inch

Standard Accessories

Client Care SPPV28251
Suction/Injection Head & Nozzle
Client Care TBFX28782
Suction/Injection Hose