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Inox 8000

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Inox8000  Professional stainless steel steam cleaner (10bar) with automatic recharge, hot water jet, and detergent function.

  • Interior car cleaning and detailing businesses
  • Professional cleaning services
  • Public sanitation needs
  • Restaurants, hospitals, schools, offices, hotels and more

Colour: Stainless steel grey
Steam production: Continuous flow with automatic filler system
Boiler Steam temperature: 180 °C
Heating time: 4 minutes
Pressure (bar): 10
Boiler Power Consumption (W): 3200
Boiler Volume (l): 2
Steam EV1 (gr/min): 73 gr/min
Steam EV2 (gr/min): 84 gr/min
Steam EV1+EV2 (gr/min): 100 gr/min
Detergent injection quantity: 10 cc / min
Boiler material: Stainless steel 304
Steam regulation on steam hose: Activation on the handle – with printed board indications.
Lights upon the front panel
Total Power Consumption (W): 3200
Voltage: 230 V AC / 50 Hz
Tank capacity (l): 5
Water level alarm: Visual and acoustic
Pressure indicator: Visual
Detergent Tank capacity (l): 3 l
Detergent tank - level alarm: Visual and acoustic
Hot Water Injection + Steam (gr/min): 364 gr/min
Water pump power: 48W 220 - 240V AC / 50Hz
Low tension voltage on handgrip: 9V DC
Power cable: 7 mt
Net weight (only machine) (kg): 17
Dimensions (LxWXH): 320x400x320 mm
Certification Reached: CE

Standard Accessories

Client Care AE0000011
Extrension Pipes
Client Care AC0000014
Bristled Frame 400mm
Client Care AC0000015
Rubber Frame 400mm
Client Care AC0000018
Bristled Frame 150mm
Client Care AC8000038
Ferrule with Fixed Extension
Client Care PP1030045
Rectangular Brush with Polyester Bristles
Client Care PP1030046
Rectangular Brush with Steel Bristles
Client Care PP1030047
Rectangular Brush with Brass Bristles
Client Care AC0000016
Stiff Frame 400mm
Client Care AC8000023
Universal Mouth
Client Care AC0010022
Small Brush with Polyester Bristles 30mm
Client Care AC0010023
Small Brush with Steel Bristles 30mm
Client Care AC0010001
Brush with Polyester Bristles 60mm
Client Care AC8000067
Complete Transparent Nozzle
Client Care AC0050001
Horizontal Mouth
Client Care AC0000019
150mm Window Tool
Client Care AC8000143
Steam Hose 3,5m Steam/Vac/Det RW
Client Care AE0000011
Extension Pipe
Client Care AC0000020
Steam and Vacuum Nozzle
Client Care PP1150006
Client Care AC0000013
400mm Brush
Client Care AC0050006
150mm Mouth

Recommended Optional Accessories & Consumable Parts

Client Care AC0000003
Anti-Limestone in 50ml Bottle
Client Care AC0000004
Detergent in 50ml Bottle